Quantum Computers and Cryptography’s Future: An AC Interview with Skip Sanzeri of QuSecure

Every day, billions of people, and hundreds of billions of transactions, depend on security based around public key infrastructure (PKI) — the cryptographic paradigm that underpins the Internet.

From electronic commerce, to streaming movies, to banking, or looking for a soul mate online, the building blocks for participating in daily life are increasingly online and interactive. PKI is the “bit-based” (1s and 0s) computer security model that enables this lifestyle.

Enter Quantum Computing, which is not based on 1s and 0s. Quantum Computing harnesses properties of sub-atomic physics to be a “qubit-based” (1—Everything-in-between—0) computing paradigm.

Which computer would you bet on to crack the largest crypto-keys?

We spoke with Skip Sanzeri, the chief operating officer of QuSecure to get a grounding in quantum computing, and how it will transform the security landscape for decades to come.

This show will help you learn the difference between a classical and quantum computer. You’ll understand how this difference relates to cryptography and digital life. You’ll hear what’s being done by government and industry to respond. What new benefits come along with the new risks. And where people can go to learn more about quantum computing.