AC X SXSW 2019

Media, Entertainment & Mobility in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles

The robot cars are coming! Not to be dramatic, but they are. And their eventual mass adoption is creating new opportunities for media creators, mobility providers and savvy businesses. So what will it look like? How will this new media environment look? Come along as we explore the new Prime Time, what we call, the 25th Hour!

The New Media Environment – An Introduction

When Your Car Becomes Your Phone

Context is the New Steel

A New Grammar for Storytelling

The New Media Environment – A Summary

At the recent LA CoMotion mobility conference, we released our white paper detailing the opportunities and challenges facing media companies with the adoption of autonomous vehicles: not just the chance to engage their audiences passively, but to create interactive experiences servicing a variety of needs and wants. Download the paper by clicking here!

The Augmented City Mobility Guide!

What is the current mobility landscape? How do bikeshare, scooters, AI, electrification and autonomy impact our lives, our cities and our habits? We ask all these questions and more in our comprehensive guide to the state of mobility technology and environments. Including interviews from some of the best and brightest in the mobility and techoloogy fields, the mobility guide gives you the experts view of mobility in the 21st century!

Pt. 1 - The Death & Rebirth of the Car
Pt. 2 - The Sharing Economy
Pt. 3 - Real Estate & Mobility
Pt. 4 - Innovating The Mobility Experience
Pt. 5 - Data Sharing

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