The Augmented City Mobility Guide Pt. 4 – Innovating the Mobility Experience

In Part 4 of the Augmented City Mobility Guide, John Gaunt takes on the innovations that are coming in mobility: everything from how we access mobility, to what the transportation experience will evolve into, to how new technology is reshaping old ways of getting from Point A to Point B!

Created in collaboration with the producers and speakers of LA C0Motion 2017, the Mobility Guide will be releasing one episode a week in the lead up to LA CoMotion 2018!

We’ve curated a selection of additional resources for this episode, including video, infographics and white papers. 

Construction Tour: California High-Speed Rail (Fall 2018)

Arrivo: The End of Traffic

The Gita Experience:      Los Angeles

Whim Explained | MaaS

Three Revolutions in Urban Transportation

Door to Door NY to SF Time via Different Modes

Autonomous Vehicles: Danger Mitigation

Autonomous Driving Patents by Company & Country

Autonomous Travel Time: How Will People Use It?

Additional Reading - Selected White Papers

  1. Five trends transforming the Automotive Industry – via PWC
  2. Future of Mobility White Paper – via CalTrans
  3. Mobility as a Service: Concept and Practice – via National Center for Mobility Management
  4. Draft 2018 Business Plan – via California High Speed Rail Authority
  5. On the Regulatory Framework for Last-Mile Delivery Robotsvia Tallinn Law School, Tallinn University of Technology